Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biking as a Viable Alternative

In my digesting of all things biking, all the time, I've been coming to grips with the sort of schizophrenic messaging we (as a society) engage in when it comes to biking.

Take for example, the basic standards in regards to what exists and what doesn't exist in ABQ.   Recently I was surprised to see a bike box on Martin Luther King at Edith.   What is a bike box?

Bike Box

Yes, we have a bike box in ABQ.   Yet, I'm not even sure cars know its there or even how to use it?   First off, its not painted green like this one pictured above in Long Beach.   And, second, I've yet to see a story about it or any mention on any city website about how its supposed to be used.   Supposedly, based on a forum post I dug up, cars are not supposed to turn right on red at intersections with a bike box.  Perhaps? 


How do we encourage people to bike?  How do we let people know that not only is it a viable alternative to driving but that its not dangerous, doesn't require all the fancy gear, and depending on the length of your trip and end destination provides amenities that cars can't (like not having to pay for parking and better health)?

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