Monday, April 11, 2011

Ontology of Biking

Here it is.   Your GRE word for the day:   Ontology  Basically, the "Ontology of biking" would be the study of "being a biker."  And for your reading pleasure, I present:

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I didn't spend $40 on insurance this month; I didn't spend $80 on gas this month; and I didn't spend $200+ on a car payment this month.   Yep, I saved a lot of money.   It's estimated that by getting rid of your car, you'll save $3,000-$12,000 a year.

So what does "being a biker" mean?   It means:   planning your trips, adding travel time when necessary,  never worrying about parking, but worrying about bike security; breathing in fresh air not recirculated vent air, actually hearing birds, dog barks, the sounds of the city instead of drowning them out. 

The time is now.   Get out of your car onto your bike. 

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