Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Knowing

It's not just about biking;

it's about walking, running, skipping, taking the bus, sitting, standing, wandering into the comic shop that is rarely open (even during its posted "Open" hours).

It's about sitting on a sculpture - giving up trying to "figure it out" since even the sculpture itself is still trying to "figure itself out."

It's about witnessing the subtle changes in temperature, noticing the new growth - the mulberries -- smelling whats bloomed - the lilacs -- witnessing the damage to our city streets- the pot holes -- weighted down by our buildings, our water, our very presence.

It's about having the time to write in this blog since my options on this extremely windy, allergy provoking day have limited my options.

It's about getting on the city bus at the start of a day, being a part of a community of adults who have learned that beyond knowing their next stop, the rest of the day will most likely not go as planned.

It's about deciding to walk home instead of busing it, so I can fill my senses with the offerings of the city streets and hope the rest of the day is as much of a surprise as the earlier one I had planned.

"Not Knowing" may bring fear to some...but to me, it brings an opening to new realms - both sensory and emotional.

It's not just about biking.

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  1. Mindy, I love this entry. Reminds me of walking and busing days in the sixties in Portland and San Francisco. I still get on my clinker and do errands in the hood; worked up a sweat coming back up the hill yesterday. wonder if I can still fling my heavy bike up on the bus rack--it's wonderful to be out there. I love to read your combined blog and this is a poetic and touching entry--thanks!!