Monday, March 14, 2011

April Fools Day

Back in August we thought it would be fantastic if we could make it without a car until April As April Fool's Day approaches, we realize we have been fooled --fooled by the idea that in this society it would be a struggle, or near impossible, to live our life without a car (or two). We thought making it to April would be some major accomplishment. We thought we would be heading toward that "April Fools Day" finish line --crawling and yearning for four wheels-- and, yet, here we are, biking with no current plans to get off of two wheels!

I love biking. Maybe because it's low tech? Maybe because it limits my options, so it urges me to think more carefully about the choices I make? Maybe its because it offers a release after an intense day at work (getting in a car while tired and frustrated is a liability)? Maybe it is because it is one less "thing" into which I have to worry about pouring time, money and energy? Maybe it is because I am making a smaller impact upon this earth? Maybe it is because I am10 years old again tooling around town, and proud of it? Maybe it's because the price of gas goes up and I barely notice (except for the occasional airline fare to go visit the family in Illinois)? Maybe it's because it has given my partner and I (currently childless) a joint project where we are able to learn and grow together (he is also much better about the mechanics...which I am working on!)? Maybe it's because it was something we only "talked" about years ago and had not quite believed until the universe conspired to show us how it could be done? Maybe it is because I want my actions to match my life philosophy as much as possible? I don't want to continue make excuses about "uncomfortable changes" simply because it is not the norm. So maybe I am ready to act on wisdom of those who came before me and be the change I want to see in the world?

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  1. right on, Mindy I love riding my bike. I loved being carless in Europe and Turkey and barely using cabs except to cross Ankara to get to an early flight--no bike trails in Turkish big cities--way suicidal. pedestrians have no rights in Turkey--the vehicle rules, but the bus system gets u there. They have things called Dolmushes, vans that stop when flagged down--really nice. Anyway, you and Don are inspiring people albeit unintentional--it can be done!! Gas is going to soar from the tsumani disaster--oil will be gearing up to cover for less nuclear power--leg power, yes!!!