Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drive-Throughs Have Got to Go.

Why wouldn't you serve this guy in your Drive-through?

It's One in the morning, you're 4 miles from home and you're hungry.

Had this been a normal Saturday outing, you would've headed up to the Frontier or Pita Pit and got your grub on.  But, since you're biking, why not just go home and eat then; both places are just a little bit further east so getting to them is about the same as actually going home.

But you want food.  Now.   You're hungry now.

Hey.  Doesn't McDonald's drive through stay open until 2 AM?   Yes.

But being on a bike does not mean you will actually trip the sensor so that he'll take your order.  This takes a bit to figure out, so you roll around to the window.

He still doesn't notice you and continues to flush hot water through the shake machine.   Finally, he comes up and opens the window.

"Can I get some food?"

"We can't serve you.   McDonald's policy doesn't let us serve bikers in the drive-through."

"But your dining room isn't open..."

"I'm sorry.  McDonald's policy."

"Oh well.  It's your business you're losing."

He shrugs.

You pedal home and heat up a bowl of chile.

How many other businesses or services are designed with  drivers, just drivers, in mind?   Fast Food Restaurants?   Drive-up bank Windows?  Drive-up cigarette shops?  In the quest, to reorient society so that it favors bikers and pedestrians, drive-up windows either have to change or go.

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  1. Thanks just bad business--not serving a customer. This new-age rule driven ideology is so sad. You shudda got that food!!!