Monday, March 28, 2011

Specimen #2

The doctor says he wants another specimen and hands Mindy the small cup and says we can collect it at home.
Sperm Bike

The catch?   Once the specimen is collected, I have 30 minutes to get it to the small fridge in the Andrology Lab.  At 30 minutes, the little guys die and the sample doesn't give a true picture.   And this time, we want to collect it at home.  Unlike last time, this time is actually downright pleasant, but at the end now there's no bonding, no resting, no sitting back.  It's pull the clothes on, pull the cloth bag over my shoulders, sunglasses down, and on the bike.

By my quick calculations this trip would take maybe 10 minutes (barring no traffic problems) by car.  On bike, maybe 20 and that leaves the 5 it takes to get dressed and ready and maybe 5 to lock up the bike and walk to the lab.   We're cutting it close.

I guess nature thinks life would be more convenient with a car too.

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